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125 Years and Still Going Strong!

The Wolf Hotel has been a landmark and  a downtown Saratoga anchor since it was first built in 1893. Wyoming was a young state, the possibilities seemed endless.

Frederick Wolf, a German immigrant, came to the Wyoming Territory in 1875. After working for the Union Pacific Railroad and owning a liquor business, he and his wife Christina opened the hotel. It was an immediate success: passengers on the stages running south from Walcott Junction or north from Encampment, Wyo., now had a place to rest and enjoy lunch after the morning’s ride into Saratoga.

Interestingly, Supreme Court Judge Neil Gorsuch is a descendant of the Wolfs.

The Rich and Famous Were Not Strangers to the Wolf Hotel

In those early days, the hotel attracted guests like investors in the world-famous Rudefha copper mine in Encampment. Wyoming governors also came to visit, and in fact, still do. Celebrities like Christopher Reeve came to the Wolf. And small corporate groups frequent the hotel. Most recently, research scientist studying the formation of snow crystals passed some time here.

Even a fictional character, C.J. Box's beloved Wyoming game Warden Joe Pickett, spent a few nights in room #9. (Read his  novel, The Disappeared, to learn more.)

Saratoga may be a tiny town in a modestly populated state, but the Wolf is internationally known. As owner Doug Campbell says, "No matter where you go, it seems like someone has been to the Wolf."

History Lives Here

Looking back, the hotel had several owners over the years, and in 1977 the Campbells purchased the hotel with partner Michael Self. That partnership ended in 1983, and the Campbells remain sole owners.

The hotel was named to the National Register of Historic Places in the early 1970s, and the Campbells have made all their renovations with an eye to keeping the original flavor and look of the building.

Moving Into the Future

In 2018 we celebrated the 125 anniversary of this Grand Old Lady of the Platte Valley, and our 41st year of ownership.  We thank all of our guests for their patronage, and look forward to your next visit. Come for a night's rest, a scratch-cooked meal, or lift a glass or two in the saloon to old friends and a bright future.

If you've visited the Wolf, we welcome you back! And if this is your first time, well, you're very welcome, too! We know you'll enjoy your stay, your meal, and the memories you make while here.

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